LED drivers för konstantström och konstantspänning, med eller utan DMX

  DC Jolly US Maxi Jolly US L8030-A
350mA 1–14 x GIZ/GEK/GIM/DIN 1–24 x GIZ/GEK/GIM/DIN 4–20 x GIZ/GEK/GIM/DIN
500mA 1–14 x GIZ/GEK/DIN 1–23 x GIZ/GEK/DIN 4–20 x GIZ/GEK/DIN
700mA 1–11 x GIZ/GEK/DIN 1–22 x GIZ/GEK/DIN 4–14 x GIZ/GEK/DIN
900mA 1–11 x DIN 1–17 x DIN -
1050mA -
1–15 x DIN -
Current 350mA = 15W
500mA = 24W
550mA = 25W
700mA = 32W
850mA = 33W
900mA = 33W
350mA = 25W
500mA = 35W
700mA = 50W
900mA = 50W
1050mA = 50W
1400mA = 50W
250mA = 12W
350mA = 21W
400mA = 24W
450mA = 27W
500mA = 30W
550mA = 30W
600mA = 30W
700mA = 30W
Control 1–10V, Potentiometer, Push 1–10V, Potentiometer, Push 1–10V, Potentiometer, Push

Constant current LED drivers

For Gizmo, Dinkey CC and other LED-lamps

Art. no Name Specification
350–900mA. 10–24V.
DC-JOL-D DC Jolly US with Dimmer
350–900mA. 10–24V. Built-in potentiometer. With connectors.
M-JOL Maxi Jolly US
Constant current. 350–1400mA.
M-JOL-D Maxi Jolly US with dimmer
Constant current. 350–1400mA. Built-in potentiometer. With connectors.
L8030-A-D Lightronic L8030-A with Dimmer
250–700mA. Built-in potentiometer. With connectors.
Art. no Name Specification
Z-9-350 Drivdon Z-dim Zebra 350mA Primary dimmable. 350mA, 2–9W
Z-18-350 Drivdon Z-dim Zebra 350mA Primary dimmable. 350mA, 6–18W
Z-9-700 Drivdon Z-dim Zebra 700mA Primary dimmable. 700mA, 6–18W

Constant current LED drivers (DMX, DALI)

DMX or DALI Compatible. For use with Gizmo CC, Dinkey CC and other LED-lamps.

Art. no Name Specification
ELDO.PAC160/A PowerDriveAC 1060A
DMX/DALI/0–10V. 4 ch. 200–1050mA. Max 60V
SoloDrive 360A AC
DALI. 1 ch. 350mA, 30W
ELDO.SAC560/A SoloDrive 560A AC DALI. 1 ch. 350mA, 50W
ELDO.DAC560/A DualDrive 560A AC DALI. 2 ch. 350mA, 50W
Programmer for EldoLED drivers. LEDcode, DALI, DMX
EC.CC.7320000 DMX2CC 6 CH
DMX. DIN-mount. 350/700 mA
EC.CC.7340000 DMX2CC 12 CH DMX. DIN-mount. 350/700 mA
AC660R PowerDrive 6060/R DMX/DALI/0–10V. 32 ch. 600W. 1U 19"
VL20D/P VL20D/P DALI. 200–900mA, 20.5W, vFmax 55V

12V DC LED drivers

The primary choice for powering Mini Trac, Pico Trac and LED-strip.

Art. no Name Specification
SNP15-12VL LED Power supply 12V 0–15W. 1.25A 20x44x123 mm (HxWxL)
SNP30-12VF LED Power supply 12V 0–30W. 2.5A
18x58x160 mm (HxWxL)
SNP75-12VL LED Power supply 12V 0–75W. 6.5A 30x63x201 mm (HxWxL)
SNP100-12VL LED Power supply 12V 0–100W. 8.33A
32x66x180 mm (HxWxL)

12–24 DC LED drivers (DMX, DALI)

DMX Compatible. Multiple outputs. Works well with LED Strip RGB/RGBW,
Requires external power supply 12–24V DC.

Art. no Name Specification
ELDO.LAC100/A LinearDriveAC 100/A
DMX/DALI/0–10V. 4 ch. Max 100W
Constant voltage driver
DMX. Display interface. 5A x 4-ch, 12–24V DC
LT-584-5A Constant voltage driver DMX. 5A x 4-ch, 12–24V DC
Constant voltage driver DMX. DIN-mount, 5A x 4-ch, 12–24V DC