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Neo Wall Washer

As winter blankets our surroundings, we wanted to let you know about a significant update. Whether you're enjoying the warmth down under or the frosty beauty up north, we have something special for you. ❄️✨

Neo Wall Washer

Occasionally, colleagues have mentioned that we're missing something in our lineup, like a tool to light up large spaces. Let us introduce you to the Neo Wall Washer!

Neo Wall Washer throws a wide asymmetrical beam angle, making it easy to achieve even results. This marks the fourth luminaire in our expanding range, built on the robust Neo platform.

Download Product Sheet (1.26 MB)

Advantages of Neo Wall Washer

  • Comes with barn doors to cut of excess spill light
  • Best possible color rendering (98 CRI typical)
  • Swivels 365° and tilts 93°
  • Filter holder
  • Available in all colors and variants (Local-dim, Casambi Pot, DALI, DMX etc.)

About the design

The wall washer is designed by the spacing principle of 1:3 installation ratio. This means that the distance from the luminaire to the wall, as well as the spacing between fixtures, should be approx. 1/3 of the room height.

Example setup with a 3 meter wall height
Distance from the wall: 1 meter
Spacing between luminaires: 1 meter

In some cases, however, a luminaire spacing of 0.8x the distance from the wall (or 1.2x track distance) is a better choice.

Neo dichroic glass filters

Neo dichronic glass filters
Neo dichronic glass filters

A number of assorted high-quality dichroic filters are now available.

Although theater gels are smooth and easy to work with, their colors will eventually fade over time. There are situations where maintaining lasting colors in exhibitions is crucial. The good news is that we now have introduced a range of glass filters.

NEO-D-L021L021 / R21
NEO-D-L058L058 / R56
NEO-D-L061L061 / R372 / ½ CTB
NEO-D-L075L075 / R68
NEO-D-L152L152 / R304 / ½ CTO
NEO-D-L206L206 / R98 / ¼ CTO
NEO-D-L281L281 / R371 / CTB

These dichroic glass filters can be easily inserted into the filter holder of your Neo.

Additionally, we have also taken the opportunity to upgrade all conventional gels to high-temperature (HT) variants. Although their lifespan remains limited compared to glass, this enhancement ensures a slightly longer lasting performance.

Neo Zoom honeycomb louvre

Neo Zoom honeycomb louvre
Neo Zoom honeycomb louvre

You'll surely agree that Neo would'nt be complete without it – specifically, a honeycomb louvre!

Not only does it look great, but it also offers substantial anti-glare benefits! Neo Honeycomb will fit directly onto the back of the barn door on Neo Zoom. Hope it can come in handy!