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Spring is approaching and Easter is coming! As we have noticed an increased interest from our colleagues regarding the Casambi controlled luminaires, we want to take this opportunity to highlight some news in this area.

Whether the purpose is to use Casambi to set light levels from the floor, to make interactive exhibitions or to save energy — We are ready! .

Neo Casambi
Neo Casambi

Neo with Casambi

The Neo luminaires is a series of innovative lighting design tools, primarily designed for professional use in museums and art galleries.

The controls at hand for shaping the light output goes far beyond a standard retail fixture and are crafted by lighting designers at Ljusdesign AB and Gouiedo Jan AB.

All luminaires are now available with the Casambi 3-phase adapter.

What's new?

  • The fixtures are represented with icons and names in the Casambi UI
  • The pre-defined Casambi dimmer curve has been improved
Jubilee Exhibition, The Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden
Jubilee Exhibition, The Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

How does Casambi work?

Casambi is a self-organizing wireless mesh network. The intelligence is replicated in every node. This creates a lighting system without complexity and no single points of failure. Enables control, such as grouping, dynamic lighting, and firmware upgrades.

The system allows lighting designers to make adjustments to the lighting environment from the floor, using a smartphone or tablet.

Save time

Adjust light intensity without the need to climb ladders. You can set individual intensity across all the Casambi-ready fixtures. Make light adjustment and assign different scenes.

Enhance the visitor experience

This is our favorite – Make exhibitions interactive by using e.g. time-scheduled animations or presence controlled scenes. Lighting designers can highlight specific objects and navigate visitors in a subtle and pleasant way.

Save energy

Obviously, by using time-scheduled lighting or motion sensors, we can ensure that lights are only turned on when they are needed in the exhibition space.

Integration to other protocols

There are gateways for DALI and DMX, making it possible to trigger the Casambi scenes from external sources.

Scenes and animations can also be triggered via pre-programmed schedules, push buttons or motion sensors.