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Verkligheter Östergötlands Museum
Verkligheter Östergötlands Museum


Ljusdesign is a flexible lighting design company that has been around since 1989.

Ljusdesign is a team of twentythree colleagues with diverse resumes. Together we share a great body of knowledge and long experience of creative, artistic and practial work in a broad field, such as museums, churches, architecure and theater.

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Announcing the new Gekko Grid

With the delightful celebration of Midsummer just around the corner here in Sweden, we wanted to share some exciting updates with you. It's time to unveil the new things we've been working on lately. Stay tuned for more details!

Neo Wall Washer

As winter blankets our surroundings, we wanted to let you know about a significant update. Whether you're enjoying the warmth down under or the frosty beauty up north, we have something special for you. ❄️✨

Neo Framer release

We are proud to announce the addition of a profile spotlight to the Neo range. Neo Framer will become, together with Neo Zoom and Neo Accent, our most comprehensive lighting tools for professional use in museums and galleries.

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Brochure 2023/2024

In our latest Lighting Exhibition brochure, we're thrilled to showcase the newest additions and enhancements to our luminaire collection.

This year, we're spotlighting the Neo Wall Washer, a luminaire designed for efficient illumination of large areas, complete with barndoors to minimize light spillage.

Download (PDF, 19.6 MB)
Cover of Exhibition Lighting 2023/24 catalog