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Mini Trac

We have developed an inexpensive and discreet low voltage track.

  • Tracks and accessoires are of high quality
  • Can easily be cut or coupled.
  • Standard length is 2 metres, available in grey, white and black

In the luminare range you'll find Arty PAR, Arty Profile Zoom and Dinkey.

Technical specification


Extruded aluminium, conductors of 4 mm² copper.

  • 2 meters
  • Tracks can be cut / joined to desired length

Ceiling, 30-60mm distances or suspended with wire.


Grey, black and white.

Protection class



One phase 12V DC, max 20A

Mini Trac

  • 12V DC, max 20A
  • Recommended maximum length is 6 meter due to voltage drops
Art. noBenämningFärg
 DMT12-1Dinkey Mini Track 2MLighting Track Grey
 DMT14-1DMT End FeedGrey
 DMT15-1DMT End CapGrey
 DMT16-1DMT Straight JoinerGrey
 DMT17-1DMT L-JoinerGrey
 DMT81-1DMT Wall Mounting kitGrey
 DMT82-1DMT Wire kitGrey
 DMT91-1Mini Track Adapter Grey
 DMT12-2Dinkey Mini Track 2MLighting Track Black
 DMT14-2DMT End FeedBlack
 DMT15-2DMT End CapBlack
 DMT16-2DMT Straight JoinerBlack
 DMT17-2DMT L-JoinerBlack
 DMT81-2DMT Wall Mounting kitBlack
 DMT82-2DMT Wire kitBlack
 DMT91-2Mini Track Adapter Black
 DMT12-3Dinkey Mini Track 2MLighting Track White
 DMT14-3DMT End FeedWhite
 DMT15-3DMT End CapWhite
 DMT16-3DMT Straight JoinerWhite
 DMT17-3DMT L-JoinerWhite
 DMT81-3DMT Wall Mounting kitWhite
 DMT82-3DMT Wire kitWhite
 DMT91-3Mini Track Adapter White