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Pico Trac

Miniature track system (Low)

  • Small physical size
  • Seamless end results with included cover
  • Local built-in dimmer on all Pico fixtures

With flexibility in mind, we have created this discrete low voltage track system. Each fixture can be moved around, oriented and dimmed invidually.

Suitable for illuminating objects in display cases and other tight spaces.

  • Small physical size
  • Local built-in dimmer on all Pico fixtures

In the luminare range you'll find Arty series, Dinkey, Gizmo series and Gimmick.


Technical specification


Extruded aluminium, conductors of copper

  • Grey (RAL 7040)
  • Black (RAL 9005)
  • White (RAL 9016)
Protection class





1-circuit 12V DC


Track is NOT dimmable


200-3000 mm

Pico Trac Low

  • 12V DC Max 5A
  • Cover and clips are included
  • Pre-cut according to customer’s dimensions
ColorArt. noBenämningMått (BxHxL)Färg
PTL-1Pico Trac Low 12V17x10mm, length max 3000mm, incl. cover and clipsGrey
PTL-2Pico Trac Low 12V17x10mm, length max 3000mm, incl. cover and clipsBlack
PTL-3Pico Trac Low 12V17x10mm, length max 3000mm, incl. cover and clipsWhite
PT-41-1End Cap LowAdds 2mmGrey
PT-41-2End Cap LowAdds 2mmBlack
PT-41-3End Cap LowAdds 2mmWhite

Pico Trac accessories

ColorArt. noBenämningMått (BxL)Specifikation
PT-11-1Pico Trac Power Feed, grey60x17mm12V max 10A.
PT-11-2Pico Trac Power Feed, black60x17mm
PT-11-3Pico Trac Power Feed, white60x17mm 
LFL-12-1Pico Trac Mounting Clips, grey17x10mmIncl. screw
LFL-12-2Pico Trac Mounting Clips, black17x10mm 
LFL-12-3Pico Trac Mounting Clips, white17x10mm 
PT-14-1Pico Trac Straight Joiner, grey17x100mmConnection between two tracks
PT-14-2Pico Trac Straight Joiner, black17x100mm 
PT-14-3Pico Trac Straight Joiner, white17x100mm 
PT-STICKPicoStickTool for PicoTrac fixtures

Power supply for Pico Trac

  • Short-circuit and over temperature protected
Art. noBenämningSpecifikation
SNP15-12VLPower Supply, 12V 15W, 1,25A123 x 44 x 20 mm (LxWxH)
SNP30-12VFPower Supply, 12V 30W, 2,5A160 x 58 x 18 mm (LxWxH)
SNP75-12VL-EPower Supply, 12V 70W, 5,83A170 x 45 x 29 mm (LxWxH)
SNP100-12VLPower Supply, 12V 100W, 8,3A180 x 59 x 32 mm (LxWxH)
SNP150-12VLPower Supply, 12V 132W, 11,0A180 x 59 x 32 mm (LxWxH)

Connection cables for Pico Trac

ColorArt. noBenämningSpecifikation
H03VV-F-2Cable SKK, Round, Black2x0,75
H03VV-F-3Cable SKK, Round, White2x0,75
SKX075-2Cable SKX, Oval, Black2x0,75
SKX075-3Cable SKX, Oval, White2x0,75
EP065-1Elcuflex FM, Grey2x0,65
EP065-2Elcuflex FM, Black2x0,65